Learn to love you morning runs

I have always been more of a morning person and like getting up to have peace and quiet while drinking my coffee.35234985_10212027184254315_8843761683110297600_n Its my time in the morning that I can just chill before the chaos of the day.  I have always loved my mornings.

However, I have found a new routine in the morning that I am beginning to love even more. Its makes my day start off better then ever going out at dawn to run.

At first I was afraid to go out when it was still dark out and no one was on the road. It is not that we live in a bad area, but I thought how would I see where I am running. Also I don’t have much reflective gear and more importantly a headlamp. So my first adventure out in the morning was a test run. I wore bright clothes and waited till I could at least see somewhat of the road. It was kind of fun with no cars on the road or dealing with the heat. I got lost in my mind and loved being alone. My phone died on the run because I forgot to charge it, so that put in a different element, as I listened to the quietness of the morning with a few birds singing and a small breeze in the trees.  I took time to look at the sky and admire Gods beauty of it all.

Since then I have not been on as many morning runs I as I want. It is something I am thinking of making more consistent.

Some tips I have learned on how to get up and out is to have my clothes out and ready for when I wake up in the morning. Its a matter of just getting dressed and going. I also make sure to get the coffee ready first thing as well so I can have a reward when I finish with fresh hot coffee. That makes me also sometimes go faster to get home. I don’t eat in the morning which is nice to go on an empty stomach and not feel sluggish. I have made a special morning playlist ready that has music that gets me going and motivated. Its fun to have songs that are loud and upbeat so you can move. I would suggest not to listen to any serial killers podcast in the morning (did this once), it makes you worry more then you should. Sometimes its good to go without music and listen to the morning noise to just to give yourself a break. You will also learn who’s sprinklers come on when so instead of the sidewalk I go on the side of the street but face the oncoming traffic in case there are cars that come by. Every now and again those sprinklers do feel refreshing as long as you don’t get drenched and cold.

So a little morning confession that I did today on this mornings run is that I was actually dancing and waving my arms to the music. It felt freeing and so much fun. I loved being able to just let go and not worry about anyone thinking I was crazy, because I was the only one on the road so what did it matter! 33727719_10211916887936976_7091314489747832832_n

Find out what will work for your morning runs and make them something you look forward too. Make sure you get enough sleep, but once that alarm goes off get up and go! It will make the rest of your day so much better. That’s at least what it does for me!

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