The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! My journey actually started almost a year ago. There were a lot of things going on last year in my marriage, with my family and in work. All these things were overwhelming me to the point that I started going to counseling. When the counselor suggested to run to get my release I turned my nose up at it and thought I don’t want to run, its too much work.

However I decided to try to get out there and just do a little. Then I began to go more and make it almost a habit. Each time I was seeing myself feel better and become stronger. I lost weight, started eating better, and feeling overall less stressed, less frazzled, and less overwhelmed.

Throughout this time there have been dips in the road and still challenges that I faced. But that outlet for running was there. I learned to run in the winter when it was below 30 degrees. I learned how to run longer and work on my breathing.  I started getting all the gear I needed- New shoes Brooks, new Lululemon clothing, Flipbelt and more. I worked on challenging myself beyond what I thought I could do.

It was beginning to sink in that I was a runner.

Then I decided I wanted to do a half marathon and signed up for one in May called the Famous Idaho Potato Marathon. My runs were becoming longer pushing myself from a from a couple miles up to 9 then 10, and 11. I was in an online community on Facebook called “Run Like a Girl, ” and there was so much encouragement for the members. They had great suggestions for marathon training and more. Looking at those posts each day motivated me. I did a challenge in Jan. and ran 50 miles in one of the coldest months up here in Boise, Id. 20180107_133856

My work is 4 days a week, so on Fridays while the kids were at school it was my long training day and I worked up to the miles I needed. It was hard to manage family, work, sports for the kids, and also I am a Girl Scout leader so cookie season was especially busy! But I kept it up and ran as much as I could.

My half marathon came and I wasn’t nervous but excited and eager. I knew I wanted to do this for myself and no one else. My mother-in-law flew all the way up from California to see me. At the time I thought my husband was going to miss it because he had drill for the Army, but circumstances changed and he was able to be there as well.

Before the race began I met a new friend and she gave me a hug when I said this was my first half. We both ran together most of the race. It was amazing and so much fun. Yes I was tired and I kept counting down the miles, but never once thought to give up. I kept going and when that finish line was in sight I pushed with all my might to finish strong. 33234723_10211886846665963_4909401224261926912_n

The overwhelming emotion that I had completed my first half marathon is nothing I could describe. I hugged my husband and cried in his arms, hugged my kids and hugged my mother-in-law. The fact that I was able to do this huge accomplishment was an ultimate high.

Its been a month since that race and I still wonder how I was able to make it. Now my next goal is in sight for another half marathon in the fall and work up to a full marathon by next year. I know its going to be a continuing journey to get there and not going to be easy. There are going to be highs and lows that will come, but if I just keep putting run foot in front of the other I can do this!


Love yourself enough to work harder. -Megs


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